The attorneys at SRK pride themselves on exceeding client expectations.  That effort begins with understanding the client’s goals, the project being undertaken, and how the project fits with the client’s business strategy and overall goals.  Here are thoughts from some of our clients:

  • “We were being sued by SP Investment Fund III, LLC, and its manager, Gil Seton Jr., a California speculator, who had acquired interests in our partnership that owned an apartment development in Alpena. We retained Matthew who had been highly recommended to us for this complex case. The issues posed by the complaint required a knowledge of specialized and complex financing, partnership, tax and securities issues associated with low and moderate income housing investments. Matthew quickly assimilated that knowledge and was an effective advocate on our behalf resulting in a judgment in our favor after a six-day jury trial. We remain very impressed with his courtroom abilities and would strongly recommend the use of him and his firm to others.”
    -Pete Long
  • “Dick Soble and Matthew Krichbaum solve problems.  While we trust much of our litigation work to them, we also regularly turn to them for the crazy, we’re-not-sure-what-to-do-with-it problems.  Dick and Matthew listen well and they get what we are about at Zingermans.  That makes working with them a pleasure.  We love you guys!”
    – Paul Saginaw, Co-Owner and Founding Partner, Zingerman’s
  • “We hired Dick Soble and Matthew Krichbaum because of their reputation for aggressive litigation.  After analyzing our case, Dick and Matthew did arrive at an effective and elegant litigation strategy.  What set Dick and Matthew apart, however, was their unparalleled loyalty — even promoting non-litigation solutions that would result in lower fees for them.  Dick and Matthew talked with us about our overall goals and plans and helped us realize that there were better business solutions for our situation.  As a result, we saved substantial litigation costs and negotiated a much more favorable deal.  We highly recommend Dick and Matthew!”
    – Phil Naylor, CEO Naylor Motor Sales, Inc.
  • “Over the course of my business career, I’ve been involved in a number of litigated cases.  Jon Rowe and Matthew Krichbaum helped me successfully litigate cases against Waste Management and Comerica Bank – taking on large corporations as the underdog.  Matthew has continued representing me in a number of litigation matters.  Matthew’s litigation and general business advice is keen and accurate and in litigation matters he fights for my advantage while always keeping the goal line in sight.  I trust these guys with my most sensitive and important matters and they deliver.”
    – Peter Rosewig, Jr., Entrepreneur.