Complex Litigation

Soble Rowe Krichbaum attorneys are highly knowlegeable and experienced in all phases of complex litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in traditional trial and appellate practice, as well as a growing number of clients in alternative dispute resolution.  Soble Rowe Krichbaum lawyers have worked on, among others, the following complex litigation cases:

  • Conlin, et al. v Upton, et al. (2014).  Obtained a no-cause for homeowners after three-day jury trial in lawsuit filed by developer against the homeowners.  The jury agreed that the homeowners’ bylaws were not restrictive covenants.
  • SP Investment Fund III, LLC v Long, et al. (2012). Obtained a no-cause verdict for defendants after a six-day jury trial in which the plaintiff was seeking $1.6 million in damages related to an alleged breach of contract in a low-income housing real estate investment.
  • Neal v Michigan Department of Corrections (2009).  SRK lawyers played key roles in the $100 million dollar class action settlement for hundreds of women who were raped, assaulted, groped, and viewed by male guards while in prison.
  • SRK conducted a four-day jury trial in a Bivens action for a vietnam war veteran.  (2008).
  • SRK obtained a preliminary injunction and favorable settlement in a corporate espionage case.  (2007)  RMS v Houston.
  • United Auto Workers (2005).  SRK attorneys made the strategic decision to sue first in a dispute related to the UAW’s investment in a Florida radio station.  SRK defeated a $60 million breach of fiduciary duty claim and obtained a no-cause for the UAW.  The jury awarded the UAW $1 million judgment against the other side in its case in chief.
  • Obtained a 6th Circuit ruling that the strip search of several high school students was unconstitutional.  Beard v. Whitmore Lake School Dist., 402 F.3d 598 (6th Cir. 2005).
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools (2001).  SRK attorneys obtained a $6.75 million settlement on behalf of the AAPS in a legal malpractice action.