Mediation is a highly successful form of alternative dispute resolution frequently used to resolve conflicts pre-litigation or during the litigation process.  SRK has a rich and extensive history of alternative dispute resolution generally and mediation in particular.

Richard Soble has been mediating cases for more than fifteen years and has successfully mediated over a thousand cases during that time.  Richard Soble has mediated a wide variety of cases, including commercial disputes, professional malpractice cases, personal injury and no fault, aviation accidents, and patent disputes.  These include multi-party mediations arising out of both state court and federal court litigation.  Richard Soble has also arbitrated a wide variety of disputes.

In 2005, Matthew Krichbaum also became a certified mediator in Michigan and has mediated cases in Washtenaw, Wayne, and Livingston counties.

Mediation is ultimately a non-coercive, voluntary resolution between the parties.  The benefits include:

  • Earlier resolution of disputes
  • Significant reduction in legal fees and court costs
  • Client participation and involvement in the process
  • Relatively small investment of time to determine if parties can reach resolution

We believe that well-informed parties are more likely to be able to resolve their disputes either through the mediation process or otherwise.  The following links serve as a resource to mediation generally and specific guides that may be useful to mediation participants or their lawyers:

Michigan’s Introductory Mediation Pamphlet 

Also, the award-winning blog offers current discussion about issues in mediation.